Hunting Safaris in West Nicholson

Situated in the West Nicholson area in the South-West of Zimbabwe, about 2,5 hours south of Bulawayo. This zone is renowned for its big leopard and good plains game. It consists of mopani woodland and lots of impressive granite hills, home of the evasive klipspringer and elusive leopard. Terrain is fairly flat except for the kopjes.

Leopards tend to shelter in the granite kopjes during the day and feed on Rock Rabbits during the brighter moon phases. Leopard populations are not high here but the cats here are a big as they get. These areas are also cattle areas so the cats do catch calves and tend to get bigger due to diet and better genes.

Other animals are limited but you can expect to get very good kudu, warthog, impala, waterbuck and eland. Giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, hyena and small cats are also available.

This area is mostly reserved for Leopard hunts with hounds and generally is not for the first time hunter.

Our hunting camp sits on a big rock overlooking the area. It’s an old farm house with only 2 bedrooms and a lounge / dining area. Perfect for the serious cat hunter. The Camp is situated central to the surrounding hunting areas.

Generator provides electricity during night time and all appliances are gas operated. Daily laundry is provided.

This area you can expect to get light drizzle rain in the months of April – June and winter months can be very cool.

This is a malaria FREE area.

If you hunt in this area, port of entry will be Bulawayo.