Cape Buffalo Hunting in Zimbabwe

Cape buffalo hunting is the most popular trophy hunt in all of Africa, and for a good reason. Cape buffalo hunting is the surest way to hunt the way we are intended to hunt. By cutting tracks and following, clients are hunting the way the old hunters used to do it. This ensures that you get the true African hunting experience.

Buffalo hunting is done in areas with abundant Buffalo. Our focus is sustainable offtake and focusing on Dugga Boys. We will only hunt the herds early in the year when the bulls are with the cows, but come June we avoid applying pressure on the herds where possible. This helps keep the Buffalo herds in big numbers and is better for protection from predators like lion and hyena. From June onwards we focus on the Dagga boys. This does make it harder but most certainly more rewarding when that mature bull is taken. We have very seldom failed on a buffalo hunt, by making sure all quotas are sustainable.

Hunts start off in the morning by cutting tracks and you generally catch up to the bulls or herd within an hour. Lots of crawling is done to try getting close and getting a better look. Our hunts are not strenuous but very exciting. We have a good enough road network that tracks can still be found in the afternoon and more often than not, Buffalo is seen from the vehicle.

Buffalo combination hunts, with elephant, leopard, lion, hippo and croc can be done in the Zambezi Valley. If you are interested in a full Buffalo plainsgame hunt, then we recommend the Save Valley as plains animals are abundant here.

Recommended Caliber is .375 or bigger but we do recommend a scoped Rifle or Scoped Double. The reason for this is more often than not, you catch up to the buffalo resting in the shade and since Buffalo are dark, and it can be difficult to distinguish between one buffalo and the next in the shade. This is where a scope is very handy, as well as for those long shots of 80-100 yards.

Bullets are a topic of contention between PH’s, so generally bring both solids and softs but make sure they are the same weight.

Bow hunts are also offered and are conducted strictly on private land and done by stalking. Buffalo are not to be hunted from blinds.

Best time for buffalo are June- December. For bow hunts later is better.