South African Species

South Africa has long been the go-to destination for quick, cheap and easy hunts. However, over the years we have as a hunting outfit tried to steer away from offering safaris in South Africa. Quite frankly – the put and take, supermarket-style system of operation under professional hunters who are able to get their licenses in a matter of weeks is not in line with what we believe our guests deserve to experience on an African safari.

This has been our standpoint until now.

Spotlights on South Africa’s hunting policies have illuminated facets in the SA safari industry that most are unaware of. A growing sector whose focus is on providing clientele with something we from Zimbabwe can call wild. Multiple farms being combined and livestock fences removed to allow wildlife to thrive in a free-range environment much like the conservancies in Zimbabwe.

One organisation in particular has caught our eye and impressed us with their policies, quality of their areas and experience of their professional hunters.

We are happy to now offer and recommend ‘free-range hunting’ as in the South African context to past and future safari guests, on the privately owned and operated:

Karreekloof(136 000 acres)       Thuru(50 000 acres)        Linksfontein bow area(25 000 acres)       and Gamagara(25 000 acres).