In Zimbabwe the average distance for shots are between 60 and 200 meters. With thick brush always present, a slower, heavier bullet is better as it will not deflect as easily.

Rifles in calibres .264, 30.06, 308, .300 Win Mag, and 7×57 are suitable for plainsgame and leopard. The .375, .416 and 93×62 are ideal for larger game such as elephant, buffalo, eland and giraffe. Bring about 80 – 100 rounds of ammunition per rifle. The ammunition should match the animal hunted. For more information go to Safaris.

By law the following minimums are a requirement:

Hippo, Buffalo, Elephant – .375

Lion, Giraffe – .338

Leopard, Plainsgame – 7mm, 264 win mag or bigger