Lion hunting in Zimbabwe

Lion hunting in Zimbabwe is wild Lion hunting with all Lion being free range. Lion hunting in Zimbabwe now comprises of the 5 year old rule meaning all Lion harvested must be 5 years old or older. This rule does make it more work for the PH and can be more frustrating for both client and PH, but it means Lions harvested are sustainable and the impact of offtake on the Lion population is minimal.

For this reason we are confident in our success and pride ourselves in having been a part of this conservation driven initiative. Our population of Lion is healthy and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Lions are Cities animals and because of this, permits are limited and rather sought after.

Lions are hunted over bait and blind but can sometimes be tracked. Depending on the area, Lions can be hunted by daylight and artificial light on C.A.M.P.F.I.R.E. and private land. Trail cams are placed over baits to help ageing the Lion prior to sitting and waiting for them. This helps with trophy selection and time management. It also helps the PH understand the feeding patterns of the Lion. Lion hunts are sold on 18 days, as this is how long it can take to get them on bait. Since the big males cover vast territories, it does take time to get them on bait as baits are also larger and harder to come by in big numbers. This is the reason for such long hunts. Lion hunts can also be sold as combo hunts and we recommend hunters to do a Lion Leopard combo, as it is most likely that a Leopard will also be hitting bait. Combos can however be done with other key species in either of our 3 main concessions, but could take between 21-28 days.

The preferred caliber is a .338 -.416 with a good scope with large optic for gathering light, in low light conditions. We recommend using softs for these dangerous cats.

These hunts are not offered for bow hunting.

Bets time of year: April – August