Plains-game Hunting

Plainsgame hunting is the perfect way to whet your appetite to African hunting and there is no better place than to do it in unfenced big wild areas. Plainsgame are added in all areas. We mainly do plainsgame hunting in our Conservancy area and to a lesser extent in our Safari area. These hunts are booked from between 5-10 days but why come all this way for only 5 days? Typical hunting is in the mornings and afternoon while you spend lunch and the heat of the day in camp. Most animals are spotted from the road and then stalked.

For the first timer we recommend the Conservancy area where you can find kudu, Livingstone eland, waterbuck, blue wildebeest, impala, duiker, steenbok, warthog, giraffe, zebra, Limpopo bushbuck, klipspringer, grysbok, honey badger, hyena and small cats. This hunt can be combined with Cape buffalo hunters if you are in a group.

In our Safari area we offer kudu, eland, waterbuck, impala, duiker, warthog, Chobe bushbuck, klipspringer, grysbok, hyena and civet. This hunt can be combined with Cape buffalo, hippo, croc or elephant hunters if you are in a group.