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Our name says it all: Professional, personalised, real “old school” safaris!


At Zimbabwe’s dawn in 1980 our beloved country was presented with a golden opportunity of peace with unfathomable potential for growth and development – in particular in the agriculture and tourism sectors. Frik Muller(Snr) recognised the potential for developing his farm in the Midlands Province for both.

Ngezi Safaris was established in 1982 as the 12th registered Safari Company in Zimbabwe.
Using his plains-game-rich farm as the core of operations, Frik(Snr) expanded Ngezi Safaris’ operations rapidly to couple Big Game safaris in Campfire and Safari Areas with highly successful ranch hunts.

His sons Louis and Frik(Jnr) took over the company in 1998, and continued its expansion and retention of the highest of standards seeing many happy clients returning time and again.

After 20 years of developing the ranch with dams, roads and fences to manage game populations,
Ngezi Safaris found itself without a home after the controversial land redistribution program rolled out at the turn of the millennium.

Facing this uncertainty the Mullers merged Ngezi Safaris with another safari operation and took its name – Pro Safaris Africa – securing their position in the industry.

Since 2003 Pro Safaris Africa has been hunting throughout Zimbabwe. We focus on custom made safaris, specializing in elephant, lion, buffalo, hippo, crocodile, leopard and plains-game hunts.
We are particularly proud of our high success rate with leopard hunts and are one of the biggest leopard outfitters in Africa by numbers and success.

10 years ago, in partnership with Walker Watson Safaris, Pro Safaris Africa secured the exclusive 10 year lease to Rifa Safari Area – undoubtedly one of the best free-range hunting conservation areas in Africa. Those of you lucky enough to have visited Rifa will undoubtedly agree that the loss of Rifa as a hunting area is great.

Our growth in the industry and as a company has put us in a position whereby our active training program has a permanent apprentice hunter on staff at all times. Many of the full license graduates of our tutelage are still with the company today, including Zimbabwe’s first Fully Licensed lady PH who fills the niche role of guiding hunter’s wives and independent huntresses who are not comfortable with a male PH.

The Mullers, Pro Safaris Africa and our fine professional hunting team now enter a new chapter in our legacy in Africa – one we are both excited about and thrilled to share with past and new safari adventurers, while we continue to strive to keep the “Pro” in Professional Hunting in Africa.

When we started our adventure in safaris 35 years ago – hunting was the domain of only hardened hunters.

Over time we have seen the dynamics change to where it is almost impossible to place hunters in one single box. Each and every one of you has a unique reason for coming to Africa and an equally unique idea of what your dream safari should be – it would be irresponsible of us to not take this into account when paving our new path in the safari arena.

Pro Safaris Africa has pulled the best from our years of experience to create an o ering like no other for past and future clients – a conduit to structure and genuinely have the best chance to live your dream safari in the right areas, with the right people.

Zimbabwean professional hunters(PHs) need no introduction as the best trained in Africa and with more than 125 years of shared experience between our directors and 5 permanent PHs, at Pro Safaris Africa we are positioned at the head of the pack. As members of the Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Association – all our PHs are honour-bound to conduct safaris in a safe, ethical and sustainable manner. In line with this we have selected 3 key areas for operation in Zimbabwe to be able to o er guests diverse safari experiences within a fair chase framework, on one trip or spread over a number of trips. To compliment our Zimbabwean o ering we have partnered in marketing prime areas in the Mozambique and South African hunting heartlands – based on diversity of species, style of hunting and above all an adherence to our code of conduct and commitment to providing a service that makes our guests want to come back time and again.

Another new development for us which we feel further enhances the overall African experience is the inclusion of photographic safari ad-ons across Zimbabwe. Each region of Zimbabwe has unique and world famous attractions that one really should consider visiting if you are going to travel all the way to Africa.

In short, like every other operator in Africa, Pro Safaris Africa has standard packages that may be all you need for your safari, but unlike others we want to work with you in creating memories that match your budget and your dreams of your perfect African experience with family, friends or simply with your expert hunting crew.


With some of the best Big game hunting in Africa, we offer elephant hunting, buffalo hunting, leopard hunts in blinds, leopard hunting with hounds, lion hunting, tuskless cow hunts, hippo hunts or combinations as you please. With 4 areas and a combined area of over 1 million acres, of which 2 areas are in the world famous Zambezi Valley system, we can make it work for you!