Safari Area

Our chosen Safari Area is one of the wildest, most remote places left in the World. Half a million acres of unfenced land, void of human inhabitants and villages, it offers the best in wild, free-range Big Game Hunting.

Situated within the Zambezi Valley in Northern Zimbabwe, bordering the world-renowned Mana Pools National Park(World Heritage site) and Sapi Safari Area, it is right here that you will experience a hugely adventurous safari of a lifetime.

With a well rounded quota, the area ensures great quality hunting and trophies. The Zambezi Valley is a renowned big-game safari area, with elephant bulls of good quality with typically matching ivory, abundant predators and classic buffalo. Despite being restricted to daylight hunting, the valley offers a high success rate on both leopards and lions. Although a variety of plains game species exist they are wide ranging here, but expect to be able to target zebra, kudu, warthog, impala, baboon, bushbuck, waterbuck and grysbok.

Our camp is nestled under a canopy of acacia and mahogany trees overlooking a sand river and offering a comfortable and welcoming level of bush luxury at the end of a hard days hunting.

Due to the remoteness of the camp there is no wifi and very limited cellular service within the area.

 The voltage in camp is 220V, via generator at certain times of the day, so please bring the correct adaptors.

Laundry is done every day.

There is malaria present in this area, so please consult your doctor.

If your hunt is in this area, port of entry is Harare.