Elephant Hunting in Zimbabwe

Elephant hunting is done the old-fashioned way by cutting tracks and following them. A typical hunt would consist of driving the key roads in the morning looking for tracks, and then once a sufficient track is found, it is followed. Trophy elephant hunts, as well as Tuskless elephant hunts, are offered.

Trophy hunts generally run for 10 days but can be combined with any of the key species like buffalo, lion, leopard, hippo or croc. Combination hunts are generally conducted in the same area making it convenient for the hunter.

Prices depend on the quality of the area and elephants, our offtake focus is sustainable.

If it’s something more affordable or exciting you’re after, then we recommend a tuskless elephant hunt. Tuskless hunts are the most underrated hunts. You can not ask for a more exciting hunt that gives you more bang for your buck than any other hunt. These hunts we conduct in our Zambezi Valley area or in areas that we know provide sustainable numbers of tuskless.

Recommended Caliber is a .375 with Solids. However with elephant bigger is better PROVIDING you are familiar with your firearm and comfortable firing it. Scopes are the shooters choice but not necessary as shots are taken between 10-40 yards. Elephants have poor eyesight and are therefore very easy to approach and get close.

A good pair of comfortable older shoes are needed for those long walks and water is always carried with.

Elephant are not offered for Bow hunts.

Best time of year: June – December.