Zimbabwe is South of the equator, so the seasons are reversed from those in the Northern Hemisphere – winter in New York is summer in Zimbabwe. But seasons aren’t extreme. Because of the elevation (averaging 3,000 ft/915 m), it rarely gets above 90 F/33 C or lower than about 45 F/7 C.

It will be cool enough during our winter months to dress in layers but by 10am you will be in T-shirt and shorts.

The best time to come is a matter of splitting the difference between comfort and optimum game viewing. The weather is most comfortable just after the rainy season, in April, May, June and July, but the grass is also highest then, and the animals are dispersed. By September, October, November animals are easy to see in the thinning vegetation and they congregate around water holes and hunting is probably at its best, but it’s very hot. July-September is probably the best time to come. The rainy season begins end of November, early December and continues through March, but it still isn’t a horrible time to come – most of the rain falls in the morning or at night.