Hippo & Crocodile Hunting in Zimbabwe

Hippo and croc hunts are included in all big 4 combo safaris. They can however be booked as a Combo of its own. Croc would need to go with a hippo hunt as you need bait. Crocs are very limited in permits as they are Cities controlled animals and a mature big croc is many years old. Our Crocs are sought after as they reach over 13 feet and our biggest taken was 16’2”. Crocodile are hunted over bait and blind but the majority are harvested by stalking when they are digesting food in the sun or resting. Crocs are generally taken by a head or neck shot at ranges from 40-100 yards. This means a good accurate rifle is needed with soft nose bullets. Any caliber in the .270- .375 ranges is good with an adjustable good quality scope. Shots are generally taken from a very steady rest either from a blind or stalk. If a croc hippo combo hunt is booked, it will be a minimum of 7 days required. By law, if a shot is fired at a crocodile, the animals is bought as there is no way of tracking or telling if it was wounded.

Best time: May – December with later months being better.

Hippo are hunted on land and water however in the Zambezi hunting them in strong current is avoided as you will lose your trophy. Hippo Bulls are generally hunted for trophy however, it’s near impossible to judge a Hippo in the water or land. So we focus on Mature Bulls and hope for the best.

Hippo have poor eyesight and are not very difficult to approach. Alarm calls from birds are their biggest defence.

By Law the minimum Caliber required is .375 due to the thick hide and skull. Head shots are taken with softs. Solids are preferred for body shots as well as back up shots.

By law, if a shot is fired at a Hippo, the animal is bought as there is no way of tracking or telling if it was wounded.

Best Time: Later months hippo tend to get out of the water during midday more for grazing and sunbathing.