Welcome to Pro Safaris Africa

Our name says it all: Professional, personalised, real “old school” safaris!

Pro Safaris Africa is a Zimbabwean hunting company with access to the best hunting concessions throughout Zimbabwe for both dangerous game and plainsgame.

At Pro Safaris Africa we specialize in custom-made safaris with focus on quality. Quality areas, quality professional hunters and professionalism is key to our success. Unlike other African hunting companies, we do not offer any pre-planned hunting packages. Every Pro Safaris Africa client gets a personalized, unique hunting experience with our focus on Professionalism.


With some of the best Big game hunting in Africa, we offer elephant hunting, buffalo hunting, leopard hunts in blinds, leopard hunting with hounds, lion hunting, tuskless cow hunts, hippo hunts or combinations as you please. With 4 areas and a combined area of over 1 million acres, of which 2 areas are in the world famous Zambezi Valley, we can make it work for you!

Pro Saf Safaris