Welcome to Pro Safaris Africa

Our name says it all: Professional, personalised, real “old school” safaris!

Pro Safaris Africa is a Zimbabwean hunting company with access to the best hunting concessions throughout Zimbabwe and Namibia for both dangerous game and plainsgame.

At Pro Safaris Africa we specialize in custom-made safaris with focus on quality. Quality areas, quality professional hunters and professionalism is key to our success. Unlike other african hunting companies, we do not offer any pre-planned hunting packages. Every Pro Safaris Africa client gets a personalized, unique hunting experience.


With some of the best Big game hunting in Africa, we offer elephant hunting, buffalo hunting, leopard hunts in blinds, leopard hunting with hounds, lion hunting, tuskless cow hunts, hippo hunts or combinations as you please. With 9 areas and a combined area of over 2 million acres, of which 2 areas are in the world famous Zambezi Valley, we can make it work for you!



Elephant hunting is done in 2 areas, Rifa  and Charara , providing some of the best elephant hunting in Zimbabwe as well as elephant hunts for the client that just wants the experience. Trophy elephant hunts as well tuskless elephant hunts are done.  If it’s something more affordable you’re after, then we recommend a Non Trophy Bull hunt or perhaps a Tuskless elephant hunt.



Cape buffalo hunting is the most popular trophy hunt in all of Africa, and for a good reason. Cape buffalo hunting is the surest way to hunt the way we are intended to hunt. By cutting tracks and following the tracks, clients are hunting the way the old hunters use to do it. This ensures that you get the true African hunting experience. Buffalo hunting is done in Rifa, Charara and  Chishakwe. Buffalo combination hunts, with elephant, leopard and lion can be done in Rifa, Dande South or Charara. Short 7 day Buffalo hunts are only available in Charara. If you are interested in a full Buffalo plainsgame hunt, then we recommend Chishakwe in the Save valley as plains animals are abundant here.



Leopard hunting in Zimbabwe is done in the traditional way of blind hunting or with Hounds. Leopard can be hunted at night only on private land or communal land. On Safari areas, Leopard has to be hunted during daylight hours. This means ½ hour before daylight and after sunset are when leopard are mostly taken. Blinds hunts are done in Rifa, Chishakwe, and Dande.

Leopard with dogs in Zimbabwe can only be hunted on private land. Hunts are done in West Nicholson ranches and mainly consist of 10 day package hunts. Prosaf are proud of our success rate with Leopard: 100% with hounds over the past 3 years, 90% on blind hunts of 13 Leopard hunts each year.



Hippo and Croc hunts are included in all big combo safaris. Crocs reach over 13’ feet in Rifa and especially Charara. Hippos are hunted in the Zambezi river in Rifa safari area, meaning they are mainly shot in the water. In Charara, Hippo can be hunted in and out of the water along the Lake Kariba shore. Charara is our best area for the water species.


Plainsgame are added in all areas but in Big Game areas, plains animals are generally in low numbers and quotas are reserved for big Safaris. Plainsgame hunting in Zimbabwe, we mainly do in Chishakwe in the Save valley conservancy or in West Nicholson. Mhondoro game ranch is perfectly situated close to Charara and Rifa to be a short trip away from getting a few more species for the hunter. Animals available are: Kudu, eland, waterbuck, wildebeest, impala, duiker, steenbok, warthog, giraffe, tsessebe, sable, chobe bushbuck, klipspringer ect.

Prosaf also arranges hunting in Namibia with our partners in Namibia. One of the oldest hunting outfits in Namibia, they have all the desert species available as well as the most sort after species in Africa: Kudu, Oryx, springbuck, zebra, wildebeest, warthog, eland, red hartebeest, waterbuck, blesbuck ect.

Whatever you want in your african hunting trip, Pro Safaris can make it work for you.